Vova Vindar   ✹   Skills Overview

Here are some selected works. The work displayed here was designed, modelled, illustrated, animated and coded by me 🙂

Prototyping: Figma, Principle, After Effects

Gradder dashboard made in After Effects   ▪️   See on Dribbble

Blackster Capital new homepage prototype made in Principle

Software design for Salesdash CRM   ▪️   See on Dribbble

3D: Blender, Adobe Dimension, Cinema4D

Ball animation for Blackster Capital website

Kappus soap tablets
Kappus soap stick
Kappus soap telescope
Kappus soap tape
Ombia soap box

Kappus Innovation Products: modelling & packaging design for presentations

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrations for PATOffice (europatent)

Icons for Salesdash CRM   ▪️   See on Dribbble

Brand Identity

Logo for Bitmountain Capital   ▪️   See on Dribbble

Argonium logo

Logo concept for a liquid gas shipping company

Romulus Areal logo

Logo for Romulus Areal

Front-end Development

My passion is to code beautiful websites using HTML&CSS, JS, jQuery, GSAP animations, and locomotive-scroll.

I am capable of setting up analytics in Google Tag Manager and handling API requests with Python.

The cloud platform I prefer is AWS 👍

Visit the Blackster website which was developed by me